Program Details

Aimed at kids ages 6-13 yrs old, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kids Program integrates physical education and self-defense technique with conditioning and skill-building games aimed at improving coordination, motor skills, agility, and flexibility. Our program helps young students develop important character traits and values, including:

  • Excel in Academics & Athletics
  • Confidence
  • Goal Setting/Achieving
  • Discipline
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Responsibility

So, academically, socially, and within the home, our students are empowered to perform at higher levels. And, what makes it work, what holds all three parts together, is just that it’s so much fun. Ours is a friendship based system and we are sure your child will love learning Martial Arts at the Renzo Gracie Academy.

This program was designed to teach physical, emotional and mental well-being to kids and young adults in a fun and safe environment. We think you’ll agree that the BJJ environment is a great place to raise a child!


Cubs (Beginner Program):

-Positional control

-Basic offensive and defensive techniques to control an opponent

-Situational awareness

-Respect and Discipline

-Body awareness

-Learn teambuilding skills and leadership

-Build confidence and life skills


Lions (Advanced Program):

The Lions Program builds off of the fundamental structure taught in the Cubs’ Program.

-Introduces advanced techniques and multistage sequences

-Broadens the range of submissions taught

-Respect and discipline

-Encourages participation in local and high-level tournaments through the kids comp team

-Strength and conditioning

-Learn team-building skills and leadership

-Build confidence and life skills